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A Photograph 2007-9


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Anna Karenina

Ok so we went to go see this on Wednesday (Orange Wednesday) I have seen the posters and adverts for the past few months and had become a part of the hype about it, even though I have no idea about what it was about. All I knew it was a period drama film with Keira Knightley in, and that was enough for me.

So this is about a beautiful woman in high society, married young and gets caught by the eye of another man. Seemingly what a lot of period films seem to be about. However. The way that this is filmed is stunning. Without reading the novel of which the film is based I only knew that it had something to do with a theatre and that parts are filmed in it from the trailers. The way that the entire film is set within an old, beautiful wooden theatre is amazing. I don’t think I have ever seen a film shot so well. Scenes would merge into one another, flowing into one another instead of stop starting like the majority of films are shot. The attention to detail of the actors moving around the set, switching scenes while us the audience watched and took it all in, was like actually sitting watching a theatrical production. Bank employees would move with the camera panning round, moving tables from a scene inside a bank with the hustle and bustle and then it would become a beautiful restaurant and they would become the waiters and waitresses. I was glued to my seat.

The period costume is out of this world, some of the pieces that Knightley wore were sublime and just depicted the complete opulence of the time. Every detail was caught through to her jewelry and hats. This is the same across the board. Costume in the film deserves all the awards that they are handed. All cast members were instantly defined into class and standing through what they were wearing in the 19th Century and this was depicted throughout the film. This filters through to the amazing set. How they conceived turning this into a film and being able to shoot everything within a theatre is outstanding. Crystal chandeliers slowly dropping from the ceiling towards the ballroom floor and a dance commences around them to a complete horse race across the stage and a steam train pulling into the theatre as if it were Kings Cross station. Unbeliveable.

On top of the beauty of the way it was shot, the acting matched this. I had heard several reviews before watching and had heard how Jude Law was brilliant in this film. It took several scenes to realise that the husband was actually him. He plays the calm natured devoted husband of a seemingly wayward beautiful woman amazingly. I don’t think he puts a foot wrong the entire film, if anyone wishes to see a stand out performance from a lead male then I think this could be a winning role for him. The rest of the cast keep the film alive with well acted parts and side stories that interweave with each other from the very beginning, keeping you guessing what is going to happen next and to whom.

It is however Knightley that what the film is about. She plays Karenina beautifully. I think it is her best role to date. I am a huge fan and can openingly say her pout drives me mad, but there are very few moments in the entire film I saw a glimmer of one. She became the part entirely. Anna Karenina was the epitome of elegance and class and this is exactly what was brought in this lead role. She covered every emotion and put the audience through the pain and heart ache of being caught in a marriage you no longer wish to be in and being in love with someone who breaks your heart.

I can personally say this may have become my new favourite period film. I cannot speak about it more highly. I may have to go and see it again. Whether it’s for the storyline, acting or the sublime cinematography. Beautiful.

Whip It

Having bought this much to the disappointment of my disapproving best friend I watched it last night. Utter brilliance. Drew Barrymore is amazing. I even moved the living room TV into my bedroom so I could split my time between the movie and my mac in having the preconception that it would be a flop and go nowhere. Loved her as an actress and now as a director.

The film reminds me of some great films with an independent feeling such as Little Miss Sunshine with an amazing cast of comedy genius. Directorial debut of Barrymore and even starred herself as an OTT slightly mental red head with the need to kick people’s ass. Ellen Page (Juno) plays Bliss Cavendar, a small town girl who is being driven into the world of what her mother conceives to be her future path, of American pagents, beige dresses and smiling nicely but it clearly becomes apparent very early on (first scene) that she is thinking different things. Marcia Gay Harden plays the role of her stiff upper lip mother perfectly, rubbing everyone in her life up the wrong way, making every scene she is a part of amazing. Witty one liners and facial expressions that will make you laugh out loud.

Bliss finds herself haphazardly going to trials for a rollerskating team run by a cool rocker all women team, whopping everyone on the fields ass through speed Bliss ends up on the team. So through joining a losing, happy go lucky rollerskating team, and being under age and lying, Bliss becomes ‘Babe Ruthless’ and soon finds herself the sweetheart of the rollerskating underworld. Her team, a group of late 20-30’s rocker/biker women, used to losing but have the love of the crowd through their good nature and hilarity find that enough to stay as they are. Until they are hit with the prospect of being good and having enough of being taunted they turn it around and present a threat to the main team in the rollerskating world. Kristen Wigg, Eve and Zoe Ball round of the team and together form a very brutal but highly entertain cast that smash their way through a track of women again and again.

This films does have the usual boy meets girl etc but boy is an arse and girl spites him instead of happily ever after, but the happily ever after is from a family aspect. The kind of girl rebels and wants family acceptance. It also conforms to the usual one white lie is told and has to come out and ruin everything that seems so happy at some point. But regardless of this everyone in the film is brilliant, from the little sister through to the hilarious coaches.

Completely not what I thought the film would be like. Very watchable and laugh out loud comedy. Brutality and humour go together nicely in this film as it did have the basis to be a bit shit. Rollerskating championships and a directorial debut could have been a slightly lackluster film.

A film note..

So. I just realise these facts while tidying up and being bored..

I have..

357 DVDs.. and 14 TV series..

In DVD terms the numbers are as follows..

106 animated kids films

49 Disney classics

14 unwatched

8 music

6 Mariah concerts

1 Spice Girl Movie

One day I shall have a wall of films.

Marching band (Taken with Instagram)

Marching band (Taken with Instagram)

GB fans (Taken with Instagram)

GB fans (Taken with Instagram)

Work ice cream (Taken with Instagram)

Work ice cream (Taken with Instagram)

Conversation(s) With Other Women

…there are two sides to every love story…

So I saw this on the shelf today, and with one of my favourite actresses on the front bought it and watched it. Not a new film but a more ‘independent’ style film from the latter few years.

Very endearing film to watch full of charm and wit throughout. Helena Bonham Carter is sublime completely taking the lead of this effortlessly cool Hans Canosa film.

The way that is is shot is slightly beautiful, giving a dual aspect of every second of every scene, a kind of his and hers view of what is going on. Full of charming wit and sexual tension it is a pleasure to watch and follow the confused characters played so very well through their trials and tribulations over one single night together.

The narrative of the film is simple but brilliantly executed and written so to keep the attention of the audience. A story of two brought together by a wedding (that you don’t even see during the film), meeting at the reception appearing to each other as what are shown as strangers, only for their rather twisted stories to unfold. Beautifully written in 3rd person for the most part you get a sense of the varied perspective on an old and strained relationship.

The chatty, easy aspect of which Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart converse is what keeps the story alive and keeps the relationship and situation real. A vast mass of incredible one liners and put me downs crop up throughout the film, from the “Oh god you’re fat” at Eckhart while undressing in what is a more intimate part of the movie, to the very awkward moment they seemingly get caught in the lift by a fellow ‘bridesmaid’, keeping the simple value of the film alive with clever use of humour and wit that seems to ooze from Bonham Carter with every facial expression and hand gesture.

Well worth a watch. I will be putting this on again.

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